Welcome to Ubatuba, the nature paradise!

Ubatuba’s spectacular Atlantic Rain Forest and over seventy beautiful beaches make it one of the most-visited seaside destinations along the Sao Paulo coast. Only a short hop from São Paulo or Rio, you’ll find cozy, charming Ubatuba hotels, good restaurants, a unique mix of beaches and forests, and rich flora and fauna in the State Park of Serra do Mar. Ubatuba is also popular among surfers and those who enjoy adventure activities, with some excellent trekking, snorkeling, and diving. Come and experience the natural beauty of Ubatuba first hand, where the wonders of the sea and the forest meet!

When someone arrives in Ubatuba for the first time you often hear them say “Uau! Que lindo! Aqui é o Paraíso”, which means “Wow! This is so beautiful! Here is paradise!!!!”

We couldn’t agree more with that sentiment and situated just 234 kilometres from Sao Paulo, in the northern littoral, and 334 kilometres from Rio de Janeiro, Ubatuba is the ideal destination for those looking to get away from the chaotic capital and enjoy Brazilian life and culture in quieter surroundings. And it’s no surprise that the town is popular among tourists from all over the world – it boasts many beautiful beaches, the most popular ones being Grande, Lazaro, Itamambuca, Maranduba, Vermelha, Enseada, Saco da Ribeira and Pereque, as well as great traditional Ubatuba hotels and local restaurants.

Along with the beauty that is typical of South America, there are also many other things to see and do, including visiting the island of Anchieta, named after the Canarian Jesuit missionary, which is popular among tourists. This has been a preserved area for decades.

Being such a popular destination for both locals and international travellers there are numerous places to stay in Ubatuba, from hostels and budget guesthouses, to luxury Ubatuba hotels and stylish pousadas. You can even use our Ubatuba map to choose your hotel in Ubatuba based on its location.

A mountainous area, Ubatuba is covered by vegetation. The Brazilian City of Ubatuba is unique because of its preserved nature. Here in Ubatuba, you will find 85% of Natural Atlantic Rainforest preserved and our city was claimed Champion in Natural resource Preservation among all Brazilians Cities by the Institute SOS Mata Atlantica. Apart from the beautiful nature, our local community is friendly and the city has many attractions and tours. Feel the Brazilian way of life, enjoy good music, taste delicious food and fruits, thrill yourself, let our local connection guide you to an incredible travel experience. With our vast knowledge of the best Ubatuba Hotels and Ubatuba activities and attractions to suggest you, your trip will be unforgettable.

The over 70 beaches are very popular among the locals and tourists alike, both for their variety and number. Along a 90 kilometre coast, some beaches are exciting and dynamic, like the Vermelha do Norte and Itamambuca. These are frequented by surfers for their strong and large waves. Then there are the paradisiacal ones such as Praia da Fazenda, popular among honeymooning couples for its calm waters. Ubatuba also has innumerable bays, mountains, inlets, islands, and islets. So, there are plenty of diversions for the explorer who has sufficient time and energy.

The rainforests add to the typical beauty of South America, and it is interesting to travel through The State Park of Anchieta Island, Picinguaba Nucleus in The State Park of Serra do Mar, and Itamambuca Beach. Taking a tour in Ubatuba is a great way of exploring this magnificent part of Brazil and seeing all the region has to offer.

Ubatuba is also a land of very diverse features. The urban areas are concentrated in the valley near the Atlantic while the land to the north is mountainous and forested, all part of Serra do Mar. A visit promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for every traveller. There are few connecting roads through the mountain, so you will have to cross the region largely on foot! Under Project Tamar, Ubatuba also reflects a unique dedication to preserving the natural environment. The water preservation site aims at protecting sea turtles and welcomes both tourists and locals to get involved in its Ubatuba tours and activities.

In case you are wondering how this town got its name, it is said to have its origin in two Tupi words – uyba, which in English means ‘canoes’ and tuba, which means ‘many’. What is interesting is that it was in Ubatuba that the Portuguese signed the treaty of peace with the Tupinamba Indians. And it was this treaty that ensured that Brazil remained in Portuguese hands, following one faith, Catholicism, and one language. In the 16th century, the Tupinamba families were forced into slavery, and made to work on sugarcane plantations around Saint Vincent and Itanhaém, a region which was at that time referred to as Morpion. The past is evident in several historical sites across Ubatuba.

During the peak holiday season (between April and May), Ubatuba receives as many as half a million tourists. If you’re wondering why and what more is in store, go ahead, explore and discover the magic of this unique land. From forested mountains to romantic beaches, authentic cuisine to handicrafts , Ubatuba has it all. And more. Check out our wide range of recommended hotels in Ubatuba, as well as the Ubatuba tours we have to help plan your perfect Ubatuba holiday!