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Shopping in Ubatuba

Whether you would like to buy beautiful handicrafts (ceramics and pottery, mosaics, wood carvings, costume jewelry, and paintings among other options), Brazilian stones, famous Brazilian bikinis, souvenirs or t-shirts you will find good options around our town. Use this Ubatuba Shopping Guide to help plan your exciting shopping adventure.

If you’re looking for gifts to give to friends and family, the locally made handicrafts in Ubatuba are an excellent option.

Our Ubatuba Shopping Guide below provides some hints and tips on where to shop and what to shop for while on your Ubatuba holiday. Shopping in Ubatuba is a memorable experience, and an evening stroll around the local markets and Ubatuba Craft Fair is a real treat. Between one shop and another, find time to eat in one of our delicious typical Ubatuba restaurants or refresh yourself drinking a natural juice in one of the many coffee shops or stands around the shops. We also provide some general shopping information in our Brazil shopping guide.

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Ubatuba Shopping Guide

In Guarani Street, you find the most charming stores of Ubatuba, including t-shirt shops, bikini and clothes stores, souvenirs and handicrafts, shoes, a bookstore, ice cream parlors and many good coffee shops, bars and restaurants. It is also the place to find the Aquarium and Project Tamar shop, where you can buy nice t-shirts and handmade toys.

The malls are located in downtown Ubatuba, but you won’t get as much variety as in the bigger cities. While convenience and grocery stores are located everywhere, if you’re looking for something uncommon, you should check with the hotel or a local person for assistance.


The most popular fair in Ubatuba is popularly known as Feira Hippie. It is organised every Friday to Sunday, from 17:00 to 23:00 all year around and you will find a lot of things at affordable prices: clothes, handicraft ornaments, jewelry, paintings, small furniture pieces, souvenirs and local snack food. It is held at Iperoig Avenue, in front of the seashore.

Shopping Malls

There are five small malls in Ubatuba, with two of them overlooking the waterfront. Itagua is the most popular hangout with the locals who either come to see movies or meet friends here. It is not big, but there are some good shops: clothes, surf wear and accessories, toys, shoes, sunglasses, custome jewelry, a small market, drugstore, ATM machines , hair dresser, news stand, movie theater, McDonald's  and some other fast food stands. The other ones are also small, but have good shopping options. At Farol, you will find a beautiful silver shop and some nice clothes and shoe shops. There is also a Mexican food bar there.

- Shopping Porto Itagua:
Avenida Milton de Holanda Maia, Itagua n° 61.

Telephone: (12) 38342037.

- Shopping Santa Fe:
Rua Conceição, centro n° 180. Telephone: (12) 38322843.

- Shopping Itagua:
Avenida Leovigildo Dias Vieira, Itagua 1.180. Telephone: (12) 38351275/ 38337885.

- Shopping Iperoig:
Rua Esteves da Silva, Centro n° 147.

- Shopping do Farol:
Rua Guarani n° 736, Itagua.


The public Fish Market is the best place in town to buy fresh fish and shrimps and also that is the place to meet the old fishermen and locals. It is open daily from 7:00 to 2:00 pm. It is located at the end of Iperoig Avenue.


There are several handicrafts shops in Ubatuba, mostly of them are in Itagua area; however, there is a Cooperative of artisans in town that is worth a visit. They have beautiful ceramics and pottery, mosaics, wood carvings, costume jewelry, paintings, knitting and also some customized clothing. They are located at the seashore avenue, just beside an excellent Ice Cream Parlor called "Pistache", at 10, Iperoig Avenue.

Check the tour guides to figure out where the evening craft fair is being held (they’re quite common) and you could get a variety of art and craft works at bargain prices. In fact, the local Guarani community, near Prumirim, sometimes sell their crafts at the beaches.


One of the best buys in Ubatuba is local Brazilian clothing. In fact, it would be a good idea to get yourself a couple of reasonable sets of clothing as soon as you land. Besides the fact that the quality is excellent for the price you pay, you will also not stand out as a tourist. A handy tip to follow: to figure out your trouser size in Brazil you need to measure your waist in centimetres, divide the number by two, and then round up to the closest even number. Unfortunately, however, international brands such as Dior, Hilfiger Levi's and the like attract heavy import taxes in Brazil. So stick to buying the local stuff.

Brazilian Rocks

There is a specialized shop in Ubatuba, where you can find all kinds of Brazilian rocks, stones gifts and souvenirs. It is located in Itagua area on Capitão Felipe Avenue, 183. Ubatuba’s granite, which is popular the world over for its gorgeous textured surface, was originally quarried in Ubatuba. And here’s the good news: if you’re building a home, you could get a great deal in Ubatuba and even arrange for the stone to be shipped to your country!

Ubatuba Replicas of Canoes and Caiçaras

The canoe is not merely a mode of transport in Ubatuba; it is an integral part of local culture. In fact, Ubatuba gets its name from the canoe. Local tribes, the Tupinambas who speak Tupi, who are skilled canoe makers, called the town uba-tyba - Uba means ‘canoe' and tyba ‘many'.

Used both as a means of transportation and also for fishing, the canoe is symbolic of the caicara culture. There are some that are lean and made out of a single trunk, called canoa de um pau so. You can spot these on the Picinguaba beach, which also has a fishing village, adding to its unique charm.

It goes without saying then that a replica of a canoe is one of the things you should pick up for friends and family. And if you have enough money, don't let anything stop you from carting a real canoe back home!

Local Currency

Brazil's currency, the real, is pronounced 'hay-AHL' and is written as R$. One real is equal to 100 centavos. Make sure you exchange your US Dollars or Euros at the airport or hotel, as you cannot use foreign currency to make payments in Brazil. A good option, if you must, would be to use an international credit card and get reals, or, even better, withdraw money at an ATM. Remember, however, that Ubatuba is a small town, so locating an ATM that accepts international credit cards could be difficult. It would be wise, therefore, to travel with sufficient local currency.


Projeto Tamar
Rua Antonio Athanasio da Silva, 273 Itagua
Tel: + 55 12 3832-6202
Email: tamaruba@tamar.org.br
Website: http://www.ubatuba.com.br/tamar/index.htm
Feira Hippie
Avenida Iperoig.

Shopping Porto Itagua
Avenida Milton de Holanda Maia, 61. Itagua.
Tel: + 55 12 38342037.
Shopping Santa Fé
Rua Conceição, n° 180 Centro.
Tel: +55 (12) 38322843

Shopping Itaguá
Av. Leovigildo Dias Vieira, 1.180 Itaguá.
Tel: +55 (12) 38351275/ 38337885.
Shopping Iperoig
Esteves da Silva, n° 147 Centro.

Shopping do Farol
Guarani n° 736, Itaguá


Omnimare Mergulho
Guaicurus, 30 Itaguá
Tel: +55 (12) 3832 2005
Email: info@omnimare.com.br
Website: http://www.omnimare.com.br


Supermercado Paulista
Dona Maria Alves, 218
Tel: 12 3832 -1202 - Fax: 12 3832 -1202
Email: paulista@redesinco.com.br
Website: http://www.redesinco.com.br/lojas.html
[view on map]
Supermercado Semar
Dona Maria Alves, 715
Tel: 12 3834 -1530
[view on map]

Supermercado Rosado
Praça 13 de Maio, 181
Tel: 12 3832-2210
[view on map]
Top Stop
Capitão Felipe, 476 Itagua
Tel: 3835-1954
[view on map]

Supermercado Smidi
AV. Marginal, 2304 Pereque Mirim
Tel: 3842-0500


Azul do Mar
Rua Tamoios , 64
Tel: +55 12 3833-6638
[view on map]
Arte Camisetas
Tel: +55 12 3833-9923
[view on map]

Cravo Cor Canela
Rua Guarani, Nº 724 Itaguá
Tel: +55 (12) 3832-6853
Conexao Fashion
Praça Nóbrega, Nº 166 - Centro
Tel: +55 (12) 3833-3630

Biju Baby
Rua Coronel Domiciano, Nº 316 Centro
Tel: +55 (12) 3833-4384
Rua Conceição, 120 loja 03
Tel: +55 (12) 3832-5537

Opus Nature
Rua Jordão Homem da Costa, Nº 193
Tel: +55 (12) 3832-3651

Handcrafts and Souvenirs

Coperativa de Artesões de Ubatuba
Av Iperoig, 10. Infront of the main beach, next to Ice Cream Parlor "Pistache".
[view on map]
Cunhã Artesanatos
Rua Professor Chico Santos, 38 Itagua.
Tel: +55 12 3833-1590
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Brazilian Rocks

Minerais do Brasil
Rua Taubate, 51. Next to Gauchao barbecue restaurant.
Tel: +55 12 3832-2240
Email: atendimento@mineraisdobrasil.com
Website: http://www.mineraisdobrasil.com
[view on map]