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Ubatuba Tours and Activities

Olá and welcome to our online Ubatuba tours and activities booking portal! Draped in rich Atlantic rainforest, the mountains of the Ubatuba region provide a striking backdrop to the Ubatuba coastline and its beloved beaches, bays, and islands. There is a lot to see and do here, and taking a tour in Ubatuba is the perfect way to discover its beauty and charm. Take a look through our wide range of Ubatuba tours below and make the most of your Ubatuba holiday!

If you haven't yet booked your accommodation in Ubatuba, take a look at our great selection of Ubatuba hotels. Choose from our exciting tours in Ubatuba and discover one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the world!

Paraty City Tour

Duration: 6 hours

Paraty is a charm Colonial city nearby Ubatuba. [more info]

Visit a real Quilombola village (old slave's descendants) that still lives in a very unique way. Talk with them; learn a little about their culture that has been preserved from their original roots. [more info]